What is Time? Healing Our Relationship With Time
Meditation & Reflection Healing our Relationship with time through Patience

Healing Our Relationship With Time Through Patience


Our relationship with time is an important aspect how we live life yet we hardly consider this relationship.


As the COVID-19 crisis put a stop to our hectic lives, imposing stillness and silence on the world in an unprecedented fashion, most of us have been prompt in getting crazily busy, filling our schedules with overwhelming to-do lists, jumping from one Zoom meeting to another, while trying to keep up with the ever-growing number of incoming emails, messages, and pervasive solicitations.


We put too much pressure on ourselves, trying to cope with uncertainty, with the fear of “missing out”, of becoming irrelevant, of being “left behind” when things are going to move again. Such a mindset can push us into being reactive, defensive, pushy or judgmental.


What if, instead, we draw on the wisdom of nature to settle down, to learn to be at peace with and open to the unfolding nature of life, healing our relationship with time in the process


As the ancient philosopher Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”


You would not plant a seed in the ground and expect it to become a tree the following day. It takes time for things to unfold. For the tree to grow to its fullest expression, it requires water, sun and nutrients. But above all, it requires a great dose of patience.


Patience is an art that deserves to be cultivated, especially in our fast-paced lives and cultures that value quantity and speed and favour “doing” over “being”.


Patience helps us quiet our minds and ease our agitation, allowing a precious spaciousness within our day-to-day lives to tune into the inner wisdom in us all that is buried by impatience.


By accepting the tension, the fear, and the uncertainty, and slowly learning to trust and accept what is, we can embrace the natural rhythm of things and let them unfold as they should. Learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable is an ability that can come in handy in difficult times.


Patience helps us meet challenges, gives space for things to emerge and evolve into their full potential; it allows us to accept what is while accomplishing long term goals and enjoying life to the full.


Together, let’s slow down, cultivate patience, and have faith that things will unfold beautifully in our lives.


Reflection by Marina Laurent, Soulful Hospitality Consultant and Change agent, and founder of Regenerative Hospitality.


“Finding Patience” is a meditation by Celestine Fedley which provides an antidote to the fast paced life that we lead and is available on Insight Timer HERE.


You are invited to join weekly meditations in the Quantum Field Thursday at 10pm CET (Central European Time). More info HERE. It’s free.

Credit: Reflection is inspired by Laura Storm’s work and wisdom particularly by a book co-authored with Giles Hutchins “Regenerative Leadership – The DNA of life-affirming 21st-century organisations.”



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