Wellbeing @Work

Helping Leaders And Employees Find Equilibrium
In The Midst Of Change

In challenging times it is only normal that leaders and employees may struggle with feelings of fear and anxiety, sometimes to the point of feeling engulfed and overwhelmed.

The more we give into fear and anxiety the more we give control to outside circumstances only to slide deeper into a state of emotional lockdown.

Whatever the source of the challenges, there are an abundance of tools available to help access inner resources of resilience, strength, peace and calm.

Soul Luxury facilitates wellbeing programmes collaborating with the finest and experienced facilitators, healers and teachers in their respective field of holistic health.

Our Wellbeing @Work sessions are designed to be educational, experiential with the potential to evoke inner transformation of feelings, beliefs and attitude. We run these sessions via Zoom and in-house, if possible due to Covid-restrictions.

A wide range of wellbeing tools and modalities are available. The below is a random selection:

  • The Power of Your Breath: Breathwork is known to restore balance and harmony in the system, leaving us feeling less stressed and with more energy. By practicing breathing exercises, you are releasing more energy, positively influencing your nervous system and changing various physiological responses.
  • Control Your Fear and Empower Your Life. They say we have between 50.000 and 70.000 thoughts per day. So overthinking is surely very likely for all of us. More often than not we are not aware of our thoughts. Learn about how to turn negative emotions into positives ones leaving you calm and focused.
  • The Myth of Meditation. What is mediation and what isn’t it? Tapping into your inner resources and creativity through stillness.
  • We are What We Eat. Nutrition is important for a healthy functioning of the body. Gut brain connection is scientifically proven. This session addresses how food you eat can benefit your productivity and how it affects your mood and your mind. Learn about holistic lifestyle eating habits to gain more energy and vibrant health.

For tailor-made in-house wellbeing programmes for your employees and leaders

What others are saying …

Claudia and her team of experts helped us through a difficult path by moderating Wellbeing @ Work – I encourage everyone to connect with Claudia and her expertise in elevating people and enabling each one to connect with what is in all of us; inner and profound strength.

– Mathias,  England –

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