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Here you find useful tools for your inner journey to more peace and emotional wellbeing.


Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs and Discoveries are shared by 15 women around the world: each bold enough to be brutally honest. These stories are told courageously and candidly, stripped to the core.

Inscribed books available upon request.
Self Love Journal book

Self Love

A 28 Day Guided Journal

Self Love is an often misunderstood and sometimes right-out rejected concept. Some mistake it for selfishness, and others harbour too many false beliefs (“I’m not worthy”) to even consider it. Claudia Roth’s ‘A 28 Day Journey to Self Loveis a guided journal aimed at leading you to know who you truly are. It helps you to feel less stressed and anxious and to value life more. Journaling is a powerful tool for processing life experiences.
Inscribed books available upon request.
Self Love A 28 Day Guided Journal

Mental & Emotional Detox

A self-study programme: Don’t believe everything your mind tells you.

Here is an overview what you will learn:

Week 1 – You start to uncover your beliefs
Week 2 – You become aware of your habits
Week 3 – You make friends with your emotions
Week 4 – You gain clarity of what you want more of in life

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