Meet   Claudia

Claudia Roth the founder of Soul Luxury

Meet Claudia

Claudia Roth is a former senior executive in luxury hospitality who traded in her globe-trotting career for a more holistic, less superficial lifestyle.

While on business to India, a client of hers had arranged a meeting at an ashram in Pondicherry in the south of India when her mainstream ideological belief of self was altered. Little did she know then that it would prove to be a significant turning point in her life. During that momentous trip, her self image was painfully poked and prodded until the gaze inward reflected a manufactured image – her concept of ’self’.

The impact of that meeting ‘hit home’ during a business trip at the Ritz Paris. She woke up one morning with an imprint of her Blackberry on her face. It was that symbol of her corporate self-image of success and self-importance that completely changed her life. And the trajectory of her purpose in creating Soul Luxury.

Claudia Roth raise hand


Soul Luxury

Humanity is experiencing a profound time of change, the extent of which remains unknown. In the meantime we are called to look within. Individually,  our lives are created through the thoughts and beliefs we repeat to ourselves. These thoughts become a magnet for what we attract.

In the midst of such a paradigm global shift and turbulence there is a silver lining if we wish to take it: that is to be still, to stop, listen and allow what wants to be expressed from deep within us.

Soul Luxury has made wellbeing, healing and transformation its mission. Our purpose is to help individuals and businesses gain a deeper understanding of how one can powerfully make a difference to the world and our lives within it.

Soul Luxury is inspired by Claudia’s own inner search. 

Spirituality and Business are two primary drivers of change – one internal and one external – which form a powerful unit when working side by side. 


Claudia Roth in Global Healing
Claudia with women in Auroville
Claudia with the children
Claudia in Auroville
  Real Freedom is reclaiming who you truly are. You are love.

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