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Welcome to my world of ‘soul finds’ and ‘soul collaborations’!

I love to explore products to support my quest for soulful living. I am very particular about the products I purchase. I investigate the ethos of the company and in most cases I know the owner personally. Only when I am 100% satisfied, I will share with you. So, do I earn money from referrals? Absolutely NOT. 

There comes a time on our spiritual path when we start making lifestyle changes. We extend our curiosity to our body. We question the food we eat and how to improve our diet to feel lighter and healthier. As you are becoming more flexible how you see the world so is your body seeking increased flexibility. You may find yourself taking up a new sport or yoga, spending more time outdoors; activities which are more in alignment with the emergence of who you are becoming. You tend to gradually extend your interest in anything ‘natural’ such as organic foods, organic (homemade) cosmetics etc. You are exploring a new lifestyle in support of your inner progress. You become more sensitive towards your body.

I will also share what I am up to and learning. I am planning to become a Gong Master. So, watch the space here. I will share more once I have done my research.

My recommendations are here to support you to make conscious lifestyle choices.

Self Love Journal and Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil

The Queen of Hugs. Amanda Winwood is an incredible woman with a big, big heart. Her healing touch is the signature of Made for Life Organics, an artisanal approach to the creation of skincare.

Made for Life Organics

The brand relies on the power of herbs and flowers to heal. 100% organic and made by a slow, conscious process guided by Amanda’s passion. ‘A hug in a jar with love on top’ as fondly described by a customer. It is a perfect match with my guided “Self Love Journal”. Love yourself from the outside and inside.

Here is my favorite product: Daily Rejuvenating Face Oil. Perfect multi-tasker as it can be used as a serum or a lovely light treat for glowing nourished skin. Rose hydrates and vanilla stimulates the skin gently. Beautiful uplifting scent.

By the way Amanda is also a co-author of I AM EVERY WOMAN. She shares a passionate story about Self Love: Honouring the Divine Mother is Honouring Yourself. “Loving my mother gave me freedom to love life …. and myself.”

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