Quantum Energy Coaching

Install New Powerful Beliefs To Attract 

Abundance And Peace Into Your Life

We do not perform to our capabilities, we perform to our beliefs.
If we think we are less than we are, we will be.

We all seek health, happiness and fulfilment. Through my own journey I have learnt that each of us has the power to heal and transform, especially by changing deeply rooted beliefs. We possess unlimited abilities.

When you work with me you get full benefits of profound experiences, ranging from the world of business as a senior executive, personal transformation and my own healing journey. My inner path has greatly been influenced by my spiritual mentor while I was sitting for days and hours on his balcony in the forest of a spiritual community in the south of India.

You might be interested in wanting to work with me, if:

  • Self-criticism and feelings of unworthiness are your default when you’re stressed.
  • You see that a world in which everything is changing causes stress, anxiety and fear and you want to support yourself at this point in time.
  • Lack of self-belief hinders your capacity for self-expression and creativity.
  • You experience physical pain and yearn for inside-out healing, aware that the pain you experience may be linked to the beliefs that you hold.
  • You attract people and create relationships that cause emotional pain.
  • You want to heal and grow as well as to develop your career/business in order to make more of a positive impact on the world.
  • You feel discomfort in uncertainty, aware that it evokes anxiety and fear, in turn limiting your progression towards your goals.

What is Quantum Energy Coaching?

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) is a simple and effective coaching tool that aims to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level. Doing so has the potential to free us up to be in alignment with our conscious goals. Through QEC, positive and affirming beliefs are installed into the subconscious mind to replace old and limiting beliefs, immediately and permanently. It can be likened to installing new software into a computer. Change emerges from a clarity that is the result of a reprogramming of ourselves, from the inside out. The process is easy and effortless, no matter how long our issues have existed.

Quantum Energy Coaching is credited to Dr. Melanie Salomon. Formerly a medical doctor and general practitioner in England, Dr. Salomon set out on a quest to change her beliefs and as she says “rose like a phoenix out of the ashes of her old life”. In the process and as a result, she created QEC.

How does Quantum Energy Coaching work?

There are four steps to Quantum Energy Coaching that create new neural pathways, in turn re-programming our subconscious mind and releasing us from past conditioning and limiting beliefs.
Gestalt dialogue – a technique that supports the observation of an experience as it is in the here and now, instead of reflecting on the past or on conceived beliefs. This is your reality check.
Kinesiology – scientific observation of body movement, based on the fact that our physical expression is profoundly linked to our cognitive functioning, emotional wellbeing and beliefs.
Gamma brain wave state – gamma brainwaves are the most subtle of brain wave frequencies. They can only be accessed via a quiet mind and become heightened (and more valuable) in higher consciousness states, thus capable of contributing to higher cognitive functioning and processing.
Belief change process – learning techniques based on Neuroscience that help switch us to an ‘I can’ belief system, in turn opening us up to a new energetic reality.

    A world in which everything is changing causes stress, anxiety and fear. Do join the movement to create a better world for yourself and the planet!

    A typical session lasts 90 minutes.

    QEC is not a long-term therapy though this depends on the issues and on each individual. Belief change happens in each session.

    Quantum Energy Coaching can also be applied to your business and your teams. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    What others are saying …

    I am experiencing some changes since we had our first session. It seems that I was freed up from some irrational fears and negative thoughts.

    – Anne, Marbella, Spain –

    I had a fear of flying for many years. After I had a QEC session I am sitting steadily in my seat. I don’t enjoy flying but flying has become ok for me.

     – Sabine, Frankfurt, Germany –

    I feel more buoyant and have a sense that others see me in a slightly different light. Am on radio tomorrow morning and another big meeting at 14.30 for a large corporate. Feels extraordinary Claudia, your work is SO valuable, infinite gratitude.

    – Susan, London, UK –

    I have tried new experiences and have gotten out of my comfort zone lately, and I was able to identify and focus on the positive aspects and enjoy every aspect of these new experiences to the fullest. The results are very encouraging so far, and I am following my path towards my true self a little bit more every day.  I thank you again for supporting me in that process.

    – Marina, Basel, Switzerland –

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