Conversation with Tatyanna Wright of The Conscious Diva

Today, I am sharing insights following a conversation with The Conscious Diva, Tatyanna Wright.

Tatyanna has a unique background as TV producer and as an energy healer. Her popular podcast, The Conscious Diva*, is an extension of Tatyanna’s conscious media work providing a platform to further conversations she’s had with some of the world’s most influential conscious tastemakers.
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Read about her trials and tribulations and the one thing which guided her throughout her life.

What was a decision that changed your life?

Realizing I needed to focus on me. Though it was not a quick decision. This inner voice would whisper to me to stop focusing on other projects that came into my life from other people and that it was time to start focusing on me. They were most certainly gifts I am grateful for, you never want to turn down business opportunities, but I realized they were not serving me and they were taking my energy, diverting it to whatever that project was, even if it was aligned with my beliefs in conscious media. I was not able to nurture what I wanted to grow personally and professionally. About two years ago I pulled back from projects I was involved with. When this happened, divine guidance said “finally!” and stirred me in an interesting direction to meet my new spiritual teacher and guide me to my next chapter. I am so happy I made that change.

What was an incident that changed your life?

My father’s stroke. It goes without saying, that as the person who experienced the stroke, he underwent a life changing event. But his stroke also changed my life. I couldn’t see it at the time but looking back I know without a shadow of doubt that it altered me profoundly. It has been almost nine years since that event. I learned a lot about myself, my strength, the importance of my meditation practice, my real friends, love, openness and trust.

Has there been a particularly low moment in your life? If so, how did you turn around the situation?

Throughout my life I have maintained a fairly optimistic approach and view. Things have “worked out” so to speak. I always had inner trust. But it was really when my father had his stroke that I would say was a low moment. The shock of his unexpected stroke, happening on an airplane whilst he was flying alone from Vancouver to China. The plane emergency landed in Japan. I was in Australia at the time and was able to fly up to Japan to be with him. He was not in a good way. He remained in Japan for a month in the stroke care unit. During that time in Japan, I spent the first two weeks walking to a temple every morning. I would cry and sit alone asking for guidance. I learned my father had lost his money so I needed to figure out how this month-long expense in Japan would be paid, let alone get him back to Australia (where I later learned how truly devastating his stroke was). At the time I had no idea how long that journey would be, and it included seeking high level care for him, a support care team and all the required therapy. I was doing all of this while caring for my two young children, and husband. But I always had my spiritual practice to come back to each day, and it was during these meditative moments where ideas would come, flow, and I would remember friends of my fathers to ask for advice, or things I needed to do and people to reach out to and before long, all the problems became solutions. That inner trust showed me that even in the most difficult situations, remarkable things can happen.

What goes through your head when you wake or go to sleep?

I often fall asleep feeling excited. I try to go to bed with a clear head so that it is possible to feel the new. It is a rule in my house that no matter how early in the morning or who is up first, you must go hug everyone else, so I get nice huge hugs from my children (now 16 and 11) every morning. I learned many years ago to say “thank” and “you” as I place each foot onto the floor from being in my bed and then I list all the things I am grateful for starting with “I am grateful for being alive another day in this body, for being healthy, for my practice and connection to spirit, for this house, for my children, for my husband, for having a coffee ready for me!” Everything. It puts an instant smile on my face.

If there is one thing you could do differently in your life what would this be?

Recently, I reflected on this exact question, and I realized that we need to go through what we go through. We need to learn and grow. Having said that, sometimes when I help my children with homework or we talk about school, I think I would have liked to have done school differently. But then I think, hmmm, school didn’t make me the person I am today! If I really had to think about it, I wish I had gone to say goodbye to my beautiful dog Sunday when she was put to sleep. I was 16, it happened to be a Sunday morning. I was a selfish teenager who wanted to sleep. I regret that moment. I haven’t had another dog in my life since her.

What sets you alight?

Life offers so many wonderful moments, but the absolute best for me were the births of my two children. There was something about becoming a mother than lit me up. It’s like I could feel their light transitioning from hovering around me, to entering my body towards their birth dates. It happened with both my pregnancies. I could feel that energy in the third trimester and when I hug them today, no matter how big they get, I can still feel it. It’s very special, like a light of connection. I brought forth as a beacon these two bright beings.

What is your favourite spiritual practice?

Drumming in nature, chanting a loud and feeling the energy of my surroundings. I feel attuned and awakened to all that is. The drumming and chanting transport me to another place of awareness, expanding my consciousness. I try to do this daily. My puja and offerings to my helping spirits and deities is what grounds me and keeps me connected to that which cannot be seen. This is a very sacred aspect of my life.

What does Self Love mean to you?

Self Love is a beautiful thing. Self Love comes from within. We’re born with it. Self Love and love are intertwined. When I chant Aham Prema, I know I am divine love. I feel it, I radiant it, and spread it.
For me, Self Love is more than taking a bath a few times a week – although I have been practicing the art of bathing for many years – Self Love is setting boundaries, making time for you so you can show up for yourself and others from a place of love.

And finally what is the best advise you can give yourself?

Trust and stay true to yourself. Things will always work out. The heart knows when something resonates.

Tatjana, thank you for sharing your insights with us! Let us all embrace trust for the highest good.

I love this picture of me in India. It was taken last November. I had arrived mid-morning in Rishikesh from New York. I showered, ate something and felt refreshed enough to climb up 300 stairs to the top of a hill to visit my favourite Goddess temple. I felt exhilarated and alive. Somehow flying all the way from New York to Rishikesh doesn’t feel that long, even though it takes longer than flying from New York back to Sydney, Australia to see family!

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Executive Producer Tatyanna Wright has worked with renowned media companies to dynamic startups and brings years of expertise and experience as a showrunner, producer, director and writer. She specializes in conscious media, specifically in the fields of lifestyle, yoga and wellness productions. Tatyanna has filmed on locations all over the world. Her productions have aired on A&E, MTV, Style Channel, Bravo, Food Network & Fine Living Channel and most recently at Gaia TV and Conscious Good where she had the privilege of executive producing some of the biggest names in the yoga and transformational space.
Tatyanna already had a several decades long connection to Tantra, but a longing inside guided her to a Shamanic awakening that brought her closer to the spirit world in ways she had only remembered as a child. Now, with the doors wide open Spirit guided her to use her healing tools with the world.

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