1 May 2021



15 women across the world share how resilience, stoicism, and courage shaped their lives

I Am Every Woman - Front Cover

United in their desire to make the most of the Covid-led lockdown, 15 women met online weekly to share their diverse life stories and coping strategies to manage the daily tribulations of life.  As a result of these sessions, a new bond formed that has led to the launch of I AM EVERY WOMAN on 13 May 2021.

From abuse to loss and life-threatening illness and burnout, each story is moving and inspiring with lessons on resilience and the importance of truth and compassion.

It was Claudia Roth’s own need for empathetic conversation that inspired her to bring together a group of women, all with stories to share, every Friday morning in a ‘Coffee Morning Live’ format.  As fear dominated the major news channels and the world came to a halt, this group of women, most of whom had never met before, gathered to share views, thoughts, meditation and stories of their lives, many of which had never been revealed before. This series of ‘Coffee Morning Live’ helped these women scattered across the globe, but gathered online, to feel connected and anchored. The weekly meetings offered time for reflection and helped them to recharge and face whatever lay ahead. 

Founder of Soul Luxury and the ‘Coffee Morning Live’, Claudia Roth, said: “I AM EVERY WOMAN is the tangible result of women coming together, to whom the pandemic gave the time and space to reflect, share and inspire.  For anyone just starting to break free, longing to find inner peace, or trying to accept the circle of life – birth, death and rebirth – reading this book will be of support. It can help you to hold space for yourself and look at your own life, however difficult, knowing that you are never alone.” 

All the co-authors have been affected by crisis or hardship in many forms. They have had their resilience tested and found their way forward. They know that vulnerability is courage. I AM EVERY WOMAN is a compilation of human stories to help and support anyone wanting to make bold changes in their life, or to simply live life more fully. 

Published author, Mary Ellen Sanger, who created the front cover and edited the book, said: “Writing your own life journey may be one of the most important and powerful steps you take toward self-discovery. It can be challenging, but it can also open a path towards discovering who you truly are and what the meaning of your life is. There is more to this book than the sharing of 15 women. There is a sincere hope it may inspire you to write your own story, and so it contains guidance to help you. Self-love, healing and mastery are not empty words to the women who wrote these stories and they all invite you to write yours too!” 

EXCERPTS from four stories:

“It took me 33 years to leave an abusive relationship. We survive. We resurrect.” – Louisa

“It was serendipity that an ear infection led to the discovery of my brain tumour. I was destined to live.” – Julia

“I grew up in a “black and white” family. My mother told me that when she used to sit next to my dad in their car in Nairobi, the police would stop them and tell my mother that she was not allowed to sit next to her driver – it was her husband”. – Anja

“My Dad tried to hit me, so I jumped out of the moving car and rolled into a ditch. He stopped the car and hauled me out of the ditch and into the car. I sobbed all the way home. However, I woke up the next day, and decided that I wouldn’t accept this anymore.” – Amanda


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