Let the Light in, Switch it on

Healing Corner: Here, I share reflections and practical tips to help you manage the ups and downs of life. As always, the focus is on emotional wellbeing and healing.

What is joy?

Simply put, it is a state of being. You can always choose to be joyful, and yet, as you may have experienced for yourself, it does not always feel possible. We believe that it depends on what life presents us with, challenges or joyful experiences. The pandemic has been and continues to be challenging for many, for various reasons.

So, why can’t we choose joy?

Often it comes down to fear gripping the consciousness. This, in turn, affects the body. Therefore, you may notice that your body feels heavy, drained and without energy. Pretty much the opposite to feeling joyful!

Your reaction to a situation which has triggered you into a state of sadness, worry or despair, is a mind response affecting your body. As a result, you feel scattered and unable to concentrate. With little or no energy to do much else than dwell on the pain, feeling disempowered. In your consciousness there doesn’t seem to be room for anything else! Sometimes, when in shock, you feel paralysed and utterly helpless. It’s as if your mind has taken control of your body. Yet there is something you can do to break this seemingly endless circle of emotional darkness.

It is often difficult to still your mind during a phase of emotional turmoil and angst. Your mind is over-actively seeking solutions and reassurance, finding none. This is a good time to turn to your body and to find peace by giving it certain commands. Commands of relaxation, safety and comfort. Your body is consciousness; hence it listens to your words and instructions. This is the reason for the saying ‘mind over matter (body)’. Your mind influences your body, and your body influences your mind. Get it? It can be a vicious circle, but it can also be a virtuous circle!

How to break the vicious circle and create a virtuous one?

By aligning body-mind-soul for emotional balance, clarity and wellbeing.

Here is how:

Attend to your body

Yoga Nidra is known for its deep body relaxation. You allow your body to relax while engaging your mind to be fully present and attending to the body. Check out resources on YouTube such as this 20-minute body scan HERE.

Another simple yet powerful exercise is to allow yourself a wild body shake. While you shake your entire body, imagine stuck energies leaving you and being dissolved in the clouds high above you. It is very beneficial to let the heels touch down on the floor and to feel the waves move through your body. The micro movements enter deep into the cells and help release, especially, long stuck energy.

Let the Light in, Switch it on

Also settling into a sacred space, holding crystals in your hands or seeking comfort in a hot water bottle is practical but reassuring, nonetheless.

Attend to your mind

Allow thoughts of a higher vibration to enter your consciousness.

Just reading a few sentences in a good quality book can massively shift your mind. Essentially, you can create a gap in your regular thought-stream enough to allow information of a higher frequency to enter, as if descending upon you. I have several books as “go tos”. As I randomly open one, I know that the message I am presented with is the one that I need to hear right then. Check out authors such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti …  

Watching a video is an alternative to the above method of reading books.  Whereas something longer on Netflix, such as “Ram Dass, Going Home” or “Heal” will require your uninterrupted attention, YouTube videos can be dipped into and listened to only, as can Podcasts. For these you can search for whatever is of interest to you at the moment, such as mindfulness or “frequency and thought” – you can experiment with search terms.

Let the Light in, Switch it on

Attend to your soul

When you feel positive and good about yourself you stand in your own Light – Body, Mind & Soul aligned. When you are out of alignment, it’s as if your Light has been dimmed or even turned off. Mostly it is your mind operating the switch as it interprets whatever it is that you are dealing with. Imagine switching the Light back on!

We are beings of frequency. Allow yourself to connect intentionally and consciously with your Light. You can do this by connecting to the Higher Realms, which you may refer to as Archangels, Guardian Angels, Higher Self or God. Choose whatever term and visualisation works for you. It is not the word that you are connecting to but rather the frequency of Light represented by the same. Higher Powers respect your free will, which is why you have to ask for help. It is never forced on you. 

Try any one or all three of these affirmations / prayers:

I am what I am. All is well. I am within my own soul energy. I am protected. I shall only connect equally with the Creator and souls of higher consciousness. All is free. All is well. There is only love.  There is only a loving Earth. I am free. I am joyful. I am the I am. 

– Anonymous 

Dear Angel,
Please, give me your graceful help to instantly heal all the sources of my emotional pain. Remove all my unhealed hurts and fear. Bring your restoring light to all my emotions that have caused me feelings of sadness – fear, loneliness and despair – so that I may bear witness to your healing power. Show me the path to my Higher Self.

– Anonymous

 I am open to receiving Divine Light of the highest frequency. It flows through my entire body and each and every one of my cells. I am safe, I am protected. And so it is. – Claudia

Rumi famously said, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you”.

May you be in peace and find the light within you!

– Claudia Roth 

Disclaimer: This information is not a substitute for medical advice.

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