What can we expect from the Age of Aquarius?
What Can We Expect From The Age of Aquarius? We can expect to experience some profound energy shifts in 2021. It’s all a part of the start of a new dawn, the Age of Aquarius. In my latest article you can read how this shift will impact and shape our lives and the transformational impact it has on how we life, what we become to value and what it means for business. Prepare yourself. "This is Our Chance. What to Expect From The Age of Aquarius?”

(Originally published in Just Breathe Magazine, December 16, 2020)

Fast forward 30 years: A historian analyses how a global pandemic changed society. Will we, the ones living now, be credited with birthing a new era? I believe so, and here is why.

We are living a hugely important moment in history. What we are presented with is nothing less than the opportunity to open up an entirely new kind of life. We are being given the permission – or perhaps being asked, rather – to change the fundamentals of life.

Change is in the Planets

Many things of old are being deconstructed right now. What seemed to signify solidity itself is evaporating, disappearing. Look at the high street, for example, where we are witnessing the disappearance of long-established brands. Or, for the revolutionary change, imagine the disappearance of the usage of cash. Jessica Adams, “the big picture astrologist”, predicting the end of banks and currencies, suggests that by 2026 we will have a global, digital currency (not Bitcoin). Imagine the consequences of that…

It is true that change occurs all the time. In every minute there is change. However, many agree that December 21st of the year, 2020, is set to be one of the most important days of all in terms of change. Don’t only expect change; society is in for transformation. It is the date that the Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction takes place. It is a historical event, one to have last happened 800 years ago. In short, it is the head on collision of two “opposite” planets, that of Jupiter – the planet of expansion, and Saturn – the planet of restriction. You yourself may be feeling these opposite energies being active in your life?

Two opposites

Not only will we be able to feel these energies, as we look up into the sky on the 21st, we will see them too – the two opposite energies coming together and shining bright like a “Christmas Star”. And according to astrology, we can expect to experience some profound energy shifts as a result. It’s all a part of the start of a new dawn, the Age of Aquarius, after all. There are many different takes on the actual dates as far as shifting from the Age of Pisces is concerned, but many conclude that December 21st is indeed a key date.

I doubt it will feel like a sudden on-the-day change. Rather, we will experience ongoing shifts in the way we live whilst old and solid structures are crumbling. This we have been the witness of for some time now. And it would definitely be a mistake to jump to the conclusion that now all of life will necessarily get easier. Feeling restricted whilst wanting to expand… what does it all mean?

Looking Back to Look Forward

Let us for a moment look back at what has happened over the past nine months leading up to this important date. It will give us some understanding of this transition, which some refer to as a “birth canal” (being squeezed, expanding…). There will be many lessons learned that can help us as we continue to move forward in life and into 2021.

When we first went into lockdown in the spring, for many it was the first time they slowed down, being much used to a life of rushing around. This slow-down energy is still very much present in us.

For many, it was also a first as far as stepping out into nature goes. Perhaps you too deepened your relationship with nature. I definitely did, which led to a profound new view on the relationship between humans and nature. I believe that this often newly established relationship will continue to change us, to work on us.

A new sense of community

Myself, I almost unknowingly slipped into initiating something of a community not long after lockdown started. In hindsight, I can see that I was reacting to a need for conversation. Yearning to understand my confusion as borders went up, planes were grounded, and the entire world got unplugged – or plugged-in rather – I turned to those I sensed around me, even if only online.

Since then our community, “Coffee Mornings”, has become a truly collective endeavour. I look at it as a space of love, a space for compassion and the sharing of wisdom. I suppose a more “professional term” would be peer-to-peer support, but in the Age of Aquarius there is more love than “hard-nosed business” as we knew it. Competition is replaced with collaboration; collaboration is infused with compassion and heartfelt energy. New words? Yes, our language is evolving alongside the many changes we are experiencing.

Our heartfelt connections during the “Coffee Mornings” have expanded into a collaborative book “I Am Every Woman”. A collection of life journeys of resilience, hope, breaking free, finding inner peace, death and rebirth. Why? To inspire others to also stand proud in their own authenticity – illuminating themselves and their surroundings with their inner light. This is what some of us feel that the “Coffee Mornings” community has done for us.

Did I know the importance of my actions? No. Looking back, do I feel I was guided by a Higher Force? Yes. Each and every one of us plays a part in the whole of the changing fundamentals of life. Can you feel it in your own life?

The New Age – the Age of Aquarius

Recent events give us the understanding that we are all interconnected.

We are experiencing a shift from authoritarian power (the outer) to finding our own truth (the inner) – perhaps initially sensing only the increase in authoritarian power. The Age of Aquarius, as far as I have understood it, not being an astrologer, will have everything to do with sovereignty. We are now officially in the process of finding our own authority as opposed to that imposed upon us. In this new age, we will be less inclined to “live for what is outside of us”, seeking validation in material things, and more inclined to focus on our inner wealth – to love, to find joy and wisdom.

It can feel like starting to let the light into one’s previously sealed off heart. And it can be described as a shift away from “fighting against” and instead “working towards” something very dear to the heart. As humanity, we yearn to express love and compassion and to act on that.

How does one support this natural process? One way will be to become more discerning around what information one lets enter into one’s consciousness. As we become more sensitive to what is happening around us, it is equally important to be more selective. We are, after all, the creators of our own reality and a part of that is to be the editors of our influences.

I also sense a collective shift into an ever-more attuned level of compassion and care, for selves and for others. This is linked to a letting go of rigidity in exchange for dropping into flexibility. It is as if we are responding to new-born energies around exploration and learning. Finding new pathways towards our own inner resources, the ones that help us attune to new, higher frequencies, for some a deeply conscious process and for others less so.

Dare to be Yourself

Perhaps one parallel to the restriction-expansion mechanism currently at play is the ever-deepening journey inwards versus the call towards community – those around us, the many. There should not be a contradiction, however. As we deepen our relationship with ourselves, we also open up to harmonious collaboration. Could it be that, as the inner explorer, one tends to often feel lost, overwhelmed even? I think that in this search for true, authentic self, balancing along the knife’s edge, we also need stability. Perhaps “Coffee Mornings” is a mechanism that provides this – as an evolving community of many virtual helping hands and opening hearts.

I know from personal experience that any kind of transition worth living through is painful. We are asked to shed an old identity whilst unable to see what is being born in its place. This is when we want to embrace trust. Not yet able to swim in a field of love, can we trust that it will develop?

Meditation and other practices are grounding, too, as well as helping one awaken to one’s own gifts and to authentic love. Many reach out to be part of communities that encourage the same. In addition to the “Coffee Mornings” I have started to offer weekly Quantum Field Mediations. Attracting a global audience, mainly by word-of-mouth – or perhaps better expressed by energy-of-heart – it is a virtual space in which we connect to our hearts, through mediation and stillness.

Universal Love

Again there is juxtaposition there, as restriction joins hands with expansion. In the stillness there is an incredible dynamism. Being all alone with myself I feel part of something so much bigger than myself. What is it? Perhaps it can be called Universal love or Oneness.

As you venture into 2021, leaving behind as momentous a year as 2020, above all ask yourself:

Am I making my decisions based on Love or Fear?

If the answer is Fear, ask yourself the follow-up question: Could it be that my soul (in spite of my scepticism) has chosen for me to be alive at this critical point in time but that something in me simply refuses to believe it?

Continue to shine brightly into your future.

With Love & Wisdom,



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