What you need to know to live your life intentionally

Overwhelmed? Lack of clarity? We are living in a world which is currently seeing major societal change. It is a defining time in history, of paradigm shifts. Humanity is being called to move into a new consciousness, to create a new sense of self-awareness, and new ways of being in the world. But what does that mean for us, practically? And what are the choices that we face making now?

Claudia shares her insights as part of the Hospitality Resilience Series.

Claudia explains how she works with C-level executives and leaders to live an intentional life and to live in the moment. Everyone can learn from this as Claudia explains the steps anyone can take to leading a more fulfilled life.

Watch Claudia, Chris Mumford, Jonathan M Humphries and Jon Hazel‘s discussion on personal transformation and intentional living:

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