Coffee Morning


Every Friday at 10am CET via Zoom

It’s free! You only need to bring yourself and a cup of coffee or tea.

Our lives came to a stop through the pandemic and the lockdown. The pandemic literally unplugged us. The intensity of life came to a halt. Ordinary pressure – what we perceive as pressure call it commute, going to work etc was suddenly much less or not there at all.

The abrupt interruption of daily life showed us how conditioned we are to be busy. Being with family, children, parents, grand children or taking short trips to get yet another fix of doing something. Our plans for the future occupy us and make us into unconscious zombies whether we experience joy, fun, pleasure or sorrows.

The world is in chaos yet we grave normality. We are conditioned to hold on to what we call normal. But there is no normal. Life is not only changing but transforming. Far reaching consequences by the pandemic – never seen before in modern history – throw up major challenges and unanswered questions. Humanity is at a crossroad. New thinking and awareness is essential.

Our Coffee Morning Lives are online conversations amongst like-minded people that literally shifting reality.

Join us at 9:30am CET for a Kundalini Yoga session followed by Coffee Morning Live at 10am CET.

 “Coffee Mornings” is an ever evolving community of many virtual helping hands and opening hearts. As we deepen our relationship with ourselves, we also open up to harmonious collaboration. As an inner explorer and trailblazer one can feel lost or even overwhelmed while birthing new ideas or concepts. In the search for true, authentic self we need stability, love and compassion.

Our “Coffee Mornings” are …

A community of soulful business collaborations

 The healing touch by Amanda Winwood is the signature of Made for Life Organics, an artisanal approach to the creation of skincare.

The brand relies on the power of herbs and flowers to heal. 100% organic and made by a slow, conscious process guided by Amanda’s, its founder’s passion. ‘A hug in a jar with love on top’ as fondly described by a customer. It is a perfect match with my guided “28 days Self Love Journal”. Love yourself from the outside and inside.

“A true artisan and organics expert – one of the trail-blazers”, says Sarah Camilleri, publisher & founding editor of European Spa Magazine.

 A community of inner exploration through Kundalini Yoga, chanting of mantras, collective meditation headed by @juli.


What others are saying …

Our ‘virtual Coffee Morning’ is a delight to be part of.  The space created by the community allows me to breathe and resolve things that would otherwise lie unattended in my heart ♥️

I always feel refreshed and have new energy to take forward for that day and the following week.  A JOY to be part of.

– Christine, London –

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