Quantum Field Meditation

Every Thursday at 10pm CET

A Community Space to Inner Peace

I am often asked what is Quantum Meditation? 

It is a global community space for reflection and deeper contemplation where everybody is welcomed as perfect and as imperfect as we are. We lean into a journey to make peace with our own complexities valuing the support of a like-minded and heartfelt community. We rest in the awareness that what we seek – inner peace – is seeking us.

How does it work?

We meditate as individuals online yet as a group.

We meet weekly on Thursday’s in the Quantum Field at 10pm CET time for 20/30 minutes (no video). We are a group connected on WhatsApp. We share our experience afterwards, if we choose to.

Each meditation is based on a topic often pointing to an experience of the outer world. The topic is announced in the WhatsApp group. 

Check out the Meditation Library for previous meditations HERE.

Why to join? 

It’s your opportunity to access a deeper state of being and calmness in the quantum presence of like minded people.

Quantum Meditations is a FREE initiative. Join the healing power of the collective.

I invite you to help spread the word. 

What others are saying …

Breathwork to meditation helps calm my anxiety and being in the “Field” with others brings a more powerful energetic force.

– Clare, London, England –

For me it helps me feel a sense of a safe belonging and that means the World.

– Dawn, Leicester, England –

For me meditation is the stillness in my inner space and breath work when I do it is the giving of space between my breathes which brings calm and relaxation. Promise myself to get more engaged with the breath work.

– Birgit, Marbella, Spain –

The meditations have opened me up to a huge variety that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Some so powerful that they have become daily practice, connecting my soul to Source. Meditating together in the power of community makes me feel more connected to others.

– Heather, Watford, England –

This group is my safe place – such a loving and welcoming group; we have a selfless, committed and inspirational leader and yet there is no evidence of hierarchy or egos, either in the written word or in our virtual meetings.

– Avry, Brazil –

I see Claudia and this group as my ‘go to resource’. It is wonderful to know that the regular sessions continue even though I may not be able to join every time. It is also reassuring to know that that our material has been tried and tested. Some weeks, my schedule makes it easier than others to stay engaged but I know I can pick up where I left off, without any worry of judgement for sessions missed.

– Anna, New York, USA –

It helps me feel more present and is true ‘me’ time in a chaotic world. It’s very precious.

– Angela, Cologne, Germany –

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