The Founder's Story

The life changing Blackberry imprint on my face


My life had been both exciting and hugely rewarding for a long time. My career in luxury hospitality was flourishing taking me around the world in luxury and style. I enjoyed so many special moments, whilst progressing in my profession. As far as I was concerned, there was nothing to question. Only occasionally some inner boredom – I loved my job – would nag my smooth ride. I would try new things, experiment a little, but never anything that could ‘rock the boat’. However, during one trip I suddenly found myself out of my ‘comfort zone’. Little did I know then that it would prove to be a major turning point in my life.

What was being poked and prodded, during that trip, was my self-image. Up until that point I had not even been aware I had one, and there it was, being hung out in full view. Having busied myself with ‘playing out’, being if you like, my self-image, it was rather painful to realize that was all it was – an image. I remained apprehensive (most unlike me!) during the meeting (at an ashram!). I resisted all contemplation and judgment; it was as if I shut down.

On some level, I realized that knowledge of the mind would not be enough to handle the situation, and I was scared. In the ‘not knowing’, self-doubt overshadowed my confidence. There were no hard-earned success points coming to my rescue. The feeling of entering a void remained with me for some time. Eventually I had to turn my gaze on that image, that idea of a self. I started to study my traits. And it was not all bad.

Then there was a shift, acceleration. One morning during a business trip, I woke up in the luxury environment of The Ritz Paris with an imprint of my Blackberry. It was that sign on my face of my corporate self-image of success and self-importance which changed my life.