Soul Luxury Audit



Soul Luxury Audits are unique. Designed to provide you with insights into the strength and depth of your Emotional Currency, which research demonstrates has a direct influence over your future business success.

Soul Luxury helps you understand, create and effectively utilise your Emotional Currency, through the identification of your unique set of Emotional Touch Points (ETP). These are the moments when an individual engages with your brand in such a way that they feel moved and inspired on a deeper level. ETP’s speak to the hearts and souls of your customers.

Underpinned by the Soul Luxury Framework the audits assess the alignment or misalignment of the 3 dimensions of your brand experience namely the physical, digital and emotional experiences.

In simple terms: The depth of the alignment and coherence of these 3 dimensional experiences dictates the value of your Emotional Currency which is your brand’s differentiator and brand asset.



Our Audit focuses on the following areas:



The physical audit identifies the gaps between your business aspiration, your service delivery, what you promise online and the real, physical customer experience all within the context of the emotional impact.



This audit considers your brand’s digital presence. Your customers look for authenticity and coherence across all ‘channels of experiences’ including social media, marketing communication, online customer feedback, online booking channels, campaign management, your visual and your brand story.



This dimension assesses what your customer feels, thinks and advocates digitally about your brand.



Our Approach


We survey you, we mystery shop you and we benchmark you.

We make your intangible assets tangible.

We use awareness-based approaches, which create bespoke insights and in-depth knowledge for our clients.

Our audits are followed by the compilation of a detailed report summary and personal debrief with recommendations designed to add value and make a difference.



The Output

  • Provides strategies & recommendations to leverage your Emotional Currency.
  • Essential Emotional Touch Points (ETPs) that speak your brand story.
  • Benchmark across the 6 areas of the Soul Luxury Framework: Purpose, Soul Essence, Brand Expression, Principle Value, Emotional Touch Points & Leadership Behaviour.
  • Your Emotional Brand Impact Score


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