Self Love

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Self Love means taking full responsibility for your own well-being and happiness. The simple truth is you cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself first.

Guide to Meditation

Why is Self Love so Important?

We live in a maze of relationships. Only when we feel truly worthy of ourselves, we can love others for whom they are, rather than for whom we want them to be. This in turn, can heal our relationships to others and to ourselves.

Why Journaling?

Journaling is a powerful tool for processing life experiences. It can help you to feel less stressed and anxious and it can help you to value life more. A guided journal is structured to guide you, through self-reflection, towards getting to know yourself better.

Claudia has written her first journal Your 28 Day Journey to Self Love. She is excited making it available to those who want to life a more connected and fulfilling life.

It is aimed especially at leading you to know who you truly are; which is love and peace. The journal takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step, day-by-day deeper into questioning how you look at life, happiness and connectedness to yourself and others. 

What can you expect?

The 4 weeks are structured to focus on:

1, “Ordinary” (extraordinary!) life: Covering issues such as your inner critic, opinions of others & vulnerability

2. The “Who Am I?” question: Bringing spiritual teachings closer to you and guiding you to question: Is there something else beyond and beneath though?

3. Becoming the witness: Going deeper into actually “implementing” being more of the witness, no longer so easily and far pulled into the drama of life 

4. Also in the everyday: Adding further steps towards living the new self love, every day; here with strategies for remembering & embodying what has been understood

Beneath the images that you think of as yourself,
You are love. Love is your essence.

Your Inner Critic

This session will teach you how to recognise the saboteur of your inner critic and how to effectively silence it, transform outdated beliefs and replacing with a positive dialogue. When you finally free yourself from this inner voice you create an inner space allowing you to act from the knowing of your wisdom rather than from insecurity and fear.

Vulnerability as the doorway to Courage

This session explores what it means to be vulnerable and even though it can be perceived as being weak, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable can actually help build our strength and resilience. You will learn how you can show your vulnerability in your relationships and in the workplace. Be vulnerable – Be well. Read the article HERE.

Using inspirational texts as well as assignments, the aim of the journal is to help quiet the mind, and to release free flow writing. This allows for your heart, or ‘inner voice’, to come through uncensored, and it can help you understand what your life experiences are trying to tell you.

Beneath the zigzagging of life there is an ever-present stillness.

This is the pot of gold at the heart of your being.

Can you access it and allow it to guide you?

Claudia’s Journaling Tips:

It is very normal, when looking deep within, to feel resistant and to procrastinate. It can be seen as a way to ‘protect yourself’ to want to abandon the process, but try to stick with it!

If unable to follow through, do not despair. Put the Journal aside and return to it when you feel called to do so. There is no failure, only growth and progress!

Aim to keep the mind quiet and to allow for free flow writing. This will clear space for your heart, or ‘inner voice’, to come through uncensored. There are no right or wrong answers. Allow what emerges naturally.

Plan a special activity for yourself to celebrate having undertaken this journaling journey and, “simply” for being alive today. The activity, of course, may be nothing but a day of doing nothing, of just being with you.

Claudia’s Your 28 Day Journey to Self Love is a guided journal aimed at leading you to know who you truly are by using inspirational texts as well as 28 powerful and reflective assignments.

This Journal makes a beautiful gift.
Be love, give love, receive love.

The Story Behind This Journal

But a vague notion told me that I was about to depart from that highway that a new journey had begun. That feeling has only grown stronger with time, especially as I met a stranger called Vijay in the forest of the spiritual community in Auroville. And so the quest for Self Love goes on.

I hope you are inspired to walk your journey to Self Love as much as I am enjoying mine.

Claudia Roth

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