Latest Industry Report “Rethinking Luxury in Hospitality”

We are pleased to share with our community our brand new report “Rethinking Luxury in Hospitality’ that highlights latest research into the luxury travel industry, looking at how the notion of luxury has evolved and the current expectations of high net worth individuals. The report, created by Horwath HTL, the world largest and most experienced hotel, tourism and leisure consultants and luxury experts, Soul Luxury, examines the shift in mindset of those who have everything (do they?) and uses the Horwath HTL 360 New Luxury Framework to lay out how to deliver new luxury in hospitality.
The report looks at changes in the industry, the ever changing expectations from the “wealthy” and what it means for the hospitality industry.
We thank Emanuel Tutek, MD of Howarth HTL Croatia for this joint thought leadership report.  Access or download the report HERE.
The new notion of luxury: Once upon a time luxury was all about personalisation, attention to detail, and the kind of services which allow a guest to really get to know the place they are visiting and to provide opportunities for exploration. The focus has shifted from outside stimulation to inner experiences. It is no longer to get to know the place instead it is to get to know yourself! #SoulLuxury

About the Author:

Claudia Roth was living a high-life career in luxury hospitality, traversing the globe from one luxury hotel to another, rubbing shoulders with business icons, celebrities and fashion designers, enjoying the material rewards of a successful corporate career.

She started to realize that we are steps away from a major evolutionary shift; though it took some time to understand what this meant! With this contemplation in mind, she set off to find answers while enjoying a profound journey of Soul & Luxury. She is the founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury, a company supporting global luxury lifestyle brands to be leaders in the Transformation Economy.