HEALING SUMMIT – What does HEALING mean to you?

I recently spoke at the HEALING SUMMIT which is an initiative of Healing Hotels of the World. It serves as a platform for professionals striving for a holistic approach to business, with the aim to create a global influencer community to do good. It has been an annual event since 2014 and embraces all topics that are inherent in the worldwide brand HEALING HOTELS OF THE WORLD, a beautifully curated collection of over 100 hotels dedicated to body, mind & soul www.healinghotelsoftheworld.com

At the Healing Summit, 2017, in Berlin, Germany, speakers and attendees were asked from around the globe, what “healing” meant to them. Insightful and varied answers like, “having the courage to listen to my answers,” “healing is life,” “the natural state of being”, “aligning body, mind and heart,” “going back to the moment you are born”, and “to be at one with myself” are only some of the answers shared.

HERE is a video with the montage of comments … Enjoy watching.

A holistic lifestyle means taking full responsibility for one’s health and life as well as taking responsibility for the world around us. HEALING indeed means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Soul Luxury invites your thoughts.


About the Author:

Claudia Roth was living a high-life career in luxury hospitality, traversing the globe from one luxury hotel to another, rubbing shoulders with business icons, celebrities and fashion designers, enjoying the material rewards of a successful corporate career.

She started to realize that we are steps away from a major evolutionary shift; though it took some time to understand what this meant! With this contemplation in mind, she set off to find answers while enjoying a profound journey of Soul & Luxury. She is the founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury, a company supporting global luxury lifestyle brands to be leaders in the Transformation Economy. www.soul-luxury.com