in the Quantum Field

Every Tuesday at 10pm CET

Experience The Power Of Your Breath

It’s free! You only need to bring yourself.

How does it work?

We meet weekly on Tuesday’s in the Quantum Field at 10pm CET time for 20/30 minutes. A video will be posted in a dedicated WhatsApp group. We start the practice together following a countdown.

We meditate as individuals online yet as a group.

Something about our community?

This group is about soulful living and self-growth. We value heartfelt and meaningful connections through shared purpose of love and compassion for self and society.

Join the healing power of the collective. It’s your opportunity to access a deeper state of being and calmness in the quantum presence of like minded people.

Why Breathing?

By practicing the breathing exercises, you are releasing more energy, positively influencing your nervous system and changing various physiological responses.

What others are saying …

I LOVE the Quantum Breathing. I love the community aspect of doing it all together, I love the build up to it (I find that energising and exciting) and most of all, I love the benefits of the breath work – I feel both calmer and energised and always look forward to it. If I miss it I always catch up the following morning and tell myself the collective energy is still present.

– Alison, Nice, France –

Coupling breathwork to meditation has the benefit of making me feel energised and more present in my body.

– Viktoria, Dusseldorf, Germany –

Through breathing meditation, I found my voice. I also discovered that breathing meditation gives me energy and helps me to be more grounded. What I enjoy most is to know that we are breathing and meditating all together and connect in the Quantum Field. It feels like we are helping the Earth to breathe.

– Carolyn, London, England –

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