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Quantum Breathing

Quantum Breathing

in the Quantum Field by Wim Hof

FREE weekly event

DATE & TIME: Tuesday at 10pm CET

Experience the power of your breath.

We breath together as individuals online yet as a group. Wim Hof breathing method is simple and easy – everyone can do it. It’s a powerful process. By practicing the breathing exercises, you are releasing more energy, positively influencing your nervous system and changing various physiological responses.

Quantum Field Meditation

FREE weekly event

DATE & TIME : Thursday at 10pm CET

Access a deeper state of being and calmness.

We meditate as individuals online yet as a group. A collective group energy creates a field of coherence. Each week focuses on a specific topic. From the comfort of your home and simultaneously as a group, we listen to a meditation.

Quantum Field Meditation with Claudia
Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning LIVE

FREE weekly event

DATE & TIME: Fridays at 10am CET via Zoom

Join us 30 minutes before for a Kundalini Yoga session.

Conversations that empower you.

In March 2020 the entire world changed overnight. Most people couldn’t make sense by the rapid unfolding as borders went up. Society never experienced a global lockdown. Born from the need for simple conversations over coffee ‘Coffee Morning Live’ was born; a weekly online conversation that is literally shifting reality. It is a space where we speak from our hearts about topics which matter. It’s a space for personal growth and wellbeing.

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