The Emergence of a New Consumerism

Gone are the days off the old consumer system which was focused on accumulating stuff with one aim – to show one’s status. Flashy logos were to be seen everywhere. ‘Brand hierarchy’ created a consumer revolution.

During recent years digitalisation is strongly impacting our daily lives. As a result we have seen a new consumer type emerging. There is a shift from accumulation of stuff to meaningful experiences subtly guiding consumers to make sense of this evolutionary shift.

We see consumers buying into experiences; these experiences must be curated to satisfy a new mindset of curiosity, deeper meaning and human connections. New brands are emerging which are catalysts for such experiences. Take Airbnb as an example which foremost is an experience brand and – as a catalyst – it connects people to allow for these experiences to happen.

In this new paradigm it is no longer solely the product experience that counts but rather how the experience makes the consumer feel and how emotionally engaged they are with the brand experience. Experiences are unique so is each consumer in this new world of consumerism.

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