The world is in Silent Revolution

We experience a global movement, a waking up, based on the understanding that we are responsible for our personal wellbeing, our destiny and how we treat our fellow human beings and the world. It is a shift of values from an exploitation of ourselves, others and our environment towards a more sensitive and healing understanding of who we are and what we do. It acknowledges that at the core of our being we want goodness in our lives.

On an economic level, it revolves around the question how we can redefine business success to create a soulful economy that diminishes the inequality of our world. Our own healing lifestyle is interconnected with the business practices of the future that can only come from within – from an exploration of awareness and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, integrity and SOUL. Not only do we want to conduct business in a more compassionate way but this is what consumers demand today. Consumers are increasingly mindful of not only what their chosen product gives them but how it makes them feel. Clearly, we have arrived in the Transformation Economy where ‘A BETTER ME’ is the product.




ANANDA IN THE HIMALAYAS is an award-winning luxury wellbeing resort in India situated at the Himalayan foothills in Northern India. Located on a 100 acre Maharaja’s Palace Estate, Ananda is surrounded by graceful Sal forests and overlooks the spiritual town of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley

DATES: 15th – 20th October 2017 (5 nights)

Daily workshops by the retreat facilitators: Transformation Economy is guided by the truth which is the foundation of a new way of doing business. In our daily workshops and interactions, we are assessing these in the light of the Indian yoga philosophy and investigate their application in business.

It is our special privilege that the founder of the Ananda in the Himalayas, Mr Ashok Khanna will exclusively be available to meet with the group and share his story and insights into creating inner and outer success which we all thrive for.

And, it includes your personal wellbeing schedule with Ayurvedic therapies and treatments.

“These times of evolutionary progress require a new leadership and business approach: one where solid experience combines with awareness, wisdom and insights to move, engage and inspire consumers and stakeholders in line with their own aspiration for deeper meaning.” Claudia Roth, Founder & Managing Director, Soul LuxuryClick To Tweet

By energetic attraction, you are invited to join this special event. We are creating an environment for visionaries to explore, debate and contemplate new approaches doing business based on self-understanding and ‘deeper meaning’ as a business strategy (maximum 7 participants). If the above finds resonance, please send email for further details.

Organised by HEALING HOTELS OF THE WORLD & Soul Luxury. Healing Hotels of the World is the only global brand that has established and successfully implemented authentic and quality driven criteria for each hotel’s environment and holistic health and wellbeing services.

The Facilitators

Claudia Roth
Soul Luxury’s Founder, Claudia Roth is a unique voice in her field. After 25 years working across the globe with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, she is an expert in evoking the new spirit of the transformation economy. As a global senior executive she lived and worked in Paris, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. The final years of her corporate career as Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa for The Leading Hotels of the World she was managing revenue in excess of US$300 million; and leading a multi-cultural, international team through growth, change and transformation. Claudia created Soul Luxury to help decision makers reach beyond their own boundaries to create a new paradigm of success. Claudia combines business with a visionary spirit to inspire others to view life and business differently.


Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier
As co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World Elisabeth combines her experience in tourism marketing with her enthusiasm for personal development and a holistic lifestyle.
Elisabeth has a PhD in philosophy and art history. Since more than 40 years she is following the Yoga philosophy and practicing meditation. Her lifelong study of holistic and spiritual life principles give her a strong compass to navigate into the new and exciting developments of our age.
She says: “A holistic lifestyle means to take responsibility for yourself, your life, the society you live in as well as the planet. This understanding can be drawn from the ancient wisdom of all cultures and the Indian yoga philosophy is one of them.”


Anne Biging
Anne proved to be a visionary when she brought Healing Hotels of the World to life in 2006, anticipating people’s desire to experience a profound, personal transformation towards a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle, way beyond the average wellness vacation.
Healing Hotels of the World is an expression of Anne’s lifelong search for a happy lifestyle as well as a new way of doing business. She studied extensively the Indian yoga philosophy and practices. Many years of experience in the field of healing enables her to understand challenges and finding solutions in people’s personal life and in their position as business leaders. Anne’s drive, her life’s passion is to offer opportunities for each and every one to find back to healthy but foremost happy being.

About the Author:

Claudia Roth was living a high-life career in luxury hospitality, traversing the globe from one luxury hotel to another, rubbing shoulders with business icons, celebrities and fashion designers, enjoying the material rewards of a successful corporate career.

She started to realize that we are steps away from a major evolutionary shift; though it took some time to understand what this meant! With this contemplation in mind, she set off to find answers while enjoying a profound journey of Soul & Luxury. She is the founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury, a company supporting global luxury lifestyle brands to be leaders in the Transformation Economy.